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Welcome to the head site. is a new  group of web-sites based entirely on Ford.  It is totally free to join and if you wish to join, then Click Here. You will be listed in search engines like Yahoo and receive other benefits.

1.     Fords Performance Cars

This great new site features information, pictures and review on Australian Performance Cars like the XR8, TE50, ELGT, Mustang Cobra, Mondeo ST24 and more. Also features the latest news on Ford and Ford Racing and you can also enter a massage at the message board..

2.   FTE by Ford                                         

A new site made by a FTE enthusiast. It features, information and pictures on the 3  T-Series and also has info on Ford Tickford Racing. Just look around or join the forum, a great site for the Aussie Ford enthusiast

3.   True Blue Ford                             

A great site on the AU and  EL  Falcon, Fairlane and LTD. It  has reviews,  pictures, links, drawings, computer generated pictures,guest books  show cars and more on all the Falcon Variants includng the sedan, wagon, ute and Coupe.

4.   Mitchels Ford Australia Site           

A web-site dedicated to Ford Racing in Australia. Its has links, reviews, annimations, Downloads,  Ford History, info on Tickford and 3D pictures.

5.   Ford Falcon Australia

Dedicated to the Ford Falcon this site has info, latest news, pictures and a whlel ot more and the oly way to find out whats in it is to click on it.

6.  Early Falcon Car Club of Western Australia                           

The Club's Web-site contains many interesting articles on Falcon Restoration, Visitors and Club Members cars and lots of great photos of fine Ford Falcons from the first, 1960 model to the early 1970s. Well worth a look.

7.  XR Club of Victoria                                                                         

XR8 and XR6 Owners Club of Victoria web-site featuring forums, pictures, latest news, merchandise, club details and more

8.   Earlyfalcons .com                                                                           

Site dedicated to the XK,XL,XM and XP Early model Falcons.

9.   Daryl Coon Racing                                                                          NEW

Web site detailing the extroadinary efforts of GTP racing legend Daryl Coon as he blasts past all sorts of competitors (including Gen III VT SS Commonwhores) in his AU1 Falcon XR6 HP!!! Add to that a whole heap of wins as well as the 2000 and 2001 Championships and you'll know what we mean! Check here for more classic Holden beating antics if you dare!